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    Spacing around <p> is the same as <br>

    martincou Level 3



      my issue comes from the <p> tag. Even if I set the margins/padding at 0px, I still have the same space between my paragraphs and lines break. Can someone explain me why? Logically, I would like to have more space between my <p> than my <br>.


      If I don't set the margins/padding at 0px, I have huge space between my paragraphs (as well as lines break!) ...




      Bonus question :


      Does the green rule mean all links in #divText are the same as visited or do I have to right it like the orange one.


      PS: I want the pseudo-classes to target the text ONLY in the #divText. I don't want it to cascade anywhere else!


      #divText a:link, a:visited {

      color: red;



      #divText a:link, #divText a:visited {

      color: red;



      Thanks a lot !