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    How do you manipulate items in the encore flowchart

    terry lee martin Level 1


      I've done this before, but haven't needed to for awhile, and now I can't figure it out again. Once you have a flow chart, how do you manipulate the items shown there? How do you move the icons around to where you want them to be, and how do you remove items that you don't want there anymore?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          You do not actually move the icons, but instead just alter the link. Say you have a Main Menu, and the "Scene Menu" Button is linked to your "Extras" Menu now. Just click-drag from that Button to the Scene Menu. Your icons will change, and it's likely that some Assets will move to the Orphanage, for later use.


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            As above, but there are other possibilities that do not involve changing the authoring.


            There is a move tool just in the top right hand corner (arrow with a compass icon) under the  ' File  Edit  Object  Menu ' bar.

            Click this then select the icon in the flowchart you wish to move.


            If you have unlinked an item completely and it hasn't disappeared in the flowchart

            right clicking (Windows) in the flowchart should give you an option menu with 'Auto Layout All' as one of the options.

            This cleans up any orphaned icons but also resets your icon positions which is a pain on a large project.


            I found that if you drag an item from the bottom of the flowchart window into the flowchart, you cannot get rid of the icon

            without doing an 'Auto Layout All'. Looks like a bug in this version...


            If the item is created in the flowchart by creating a link from the properties dialogue (eg end action) select 'delete' in the same pulldown menu

            to delete the link and the item.





            Version : Encore CS5.1