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    CS3 project suddenly not playing audio sound


      Oh boy, please let this be something small.


      I've been working on this project for a long time.  I have about 3 rows of audio in the timeline.  They've all played fine. Everything played fine.  I played around with exporting as an Adobe Media file many times, all exported files had sound.  An export was recently the last thing I did before I shut down for the night.


      Today I go into Premiere to make some edits and none of the audio is audible.  HERE'S THE THING!  The audio files in the list of files under the Project files section are all audible in the preview little window on the top right of my workspace. (I apologize for not using correct terminology).  I can hear the audio of the original video, and the 2 other audio tracks I added if playing directly.  Yet both playback in the timeline and exporting to the *exact same file format/setting* I just did the other night is now no longer playing the audio.


      What on earth? Is there a mute button on the Sequence?  I do NOT have the volume off on any of the rows. I triple-checked.


      Thanks in advance for help.