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    Dreamweaver wont let me move rollover past 800 horizontally but if I preview in browser its ok.


      So far I'm in "designer" view mode, I'm viewing my page at 1042 X 571 and all I have is a background image jpeg which is 1000 X 768 pixels big and I imported one slice/rollover from photoshop (btw what does it become when you pull slices from photoshop into dreamweaver?) and i'm trying to move it to like 1010 horizontal but it wont go past 800 horizontal position.  However if I preview it in Firefox, or Safari its fine, the slice (or whatever) is where its supposed to be.  No I am not going to use a bunch of slices for my page.  Its gonna be simple.  All that I ask is please don't reply with answers like "learn code"...I'm learning code as we speak, I'm doing my best.


      Is there a way i can set like a canvas size or something to fix the ways its viewing in Dreamweaver?  I've tried changing the view modes, and even zooming in and out.  If its previewing correctly in the browsers shouldn't it be previewing in Dreamweaver okay?  This is insane.


      Thank you in advance