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    Time format that provides seconds

    brettr2 Level 1

      I'm using the time format of 0;00;00;00.  However, this doesn't count off seconds anywhere.  I'd like to sync video with an audio track.  I'm using seconds to recognize exact places to sync.  Is there a time format in AE that will read out seconds?

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          That is seconds.


          The format is



          When you see a ; instead of a : the time is accurate in NTSC land. If the digits are separated by a : it means you're in non-drop frame timecode display. Non drop means that the real time of the display is not accurate but that the frames always count up to 30. In drop frame (real time) time code, frames are counted at 29.97 frames per second so every so many seconds one of the numbers is dropped. No frames are dropped, it's jut that count doesn't smoothly go 28, 29, 00, 01 02 every time.  This is done so that the real time of the display corresponds to the clock in seconds.


          You'll find more info in the help files. Click this link to go there.