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    Flex Build Path : How to really customize output folder ?

      Hi all,

      I am using this kind of project structure :
      D:\project\src\ : the flex project sources
      D:\project\src\classes\ : the mxml / AS classes
      D:\project\bin\ : the swf output

      My main application is in this path :

      I configured my Flex Build Path (in the flex project properties) this way :
      - Main source folder : classes
      - Output folder : D:\project\bin

      Unfortunately, the output files are created in these paths :

      Whereas I wanted :

      Would you know if it is possible to configure the real output folder somewhere ?

      Thank you all
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          levancho Level 3
          from project properties :
          make :

          Main source folder :D:\project\bin\projectPackage

          then same window on top where it says additional source folders outside of main source folder add src/classes (and/or) src
          that should take care of that problem.
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            flip3r Level 1
            Hi levancho,

            Thanks for your answer.
            You probably meant to use src\classes\projectPackage as the Main source folder.

            This is working this way. However, there are some little problems :

            I have this warning : " Source path entry, ' D:\project\src\classes', is a subdirectory of source path entry, ' D:\project\src\classes\projectPackage'." which is strange because it is the second path which is a subdirectory of the first.
            There are conflicts when the compiler tries to resolve the classes within the src\classes\projectPackage directory. For instance, for a class clalled Application located in src\classes\projectPackage\Application.as, it doesn't know how to make a difference between Application and projectPackage.Application.
            Solution : move classes from projectPackage to some sub packages.

            Anyway, if it may not be the perfect solution, it just works, so thank you very much :)

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              flip3r Level 1
              Hi levancho, hi all,

              Actually there were too many conflicts with your solution, levancho.

              So I just moved my main application file to the classes directory ( D:\project\src\classes\Main.mxml instead of D:\project\src\classes\projectPackage\Main.mxml) and this is much better this way ! :
              No conflicts, clean build path !

              Thank you very much anyway levancho.