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    Signed RSLs Size


      I've just built one of my apps with the framework caching, as expected the size dropped from 300k to 100k. However, the signed framework RSL that is provided in the SDK is about 500k - is this optimised?

      I understand the RSL will only be downloaded once, but the initial download combined with my swf size is twice as big as it was originally, this could turn a lot of users away.

      Are they going to be optimised more in the final release, or will they be packaged with the flash player update?

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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee
          Yes it is optimized. It contains virtually every class in the framework, where as your app probably did not use more than half of it. However once the user had taken the time to download the RSL, everyone else's app doesn't have to load that 200K you saved over and over again.