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    V9.3: Loading multiple *.pdf files hangs my laptop for 5+ minutes.



      Before rebooting, the d/l works super. I can click on a dozen *.pdf files and they snap right up. HOWEVER, once I reboot, only the first *.pdf file snaps up. Thereafter, each successive PDF file hangs up my laptop for 5 minutes or more. The only way it works is if I close the 1'st one b4 opening a second.



      For several years I've been happily using Adobe Rader 7 on my laptop with Win2000, SP4. worked Great!

      THEN, about a couple weeks ago, I responded to an upgrade to Reader 9.2. At the time, I didn't uninstall the Reader version 7. I had problems with this version opening multiple *.pdf files, so I "repaired" it. This worked great until my first reboot, whereupon the problem reoccurred. After much messing around, I finally decided to uninstall Adobe Reader from control panel and rebooted. Then I installed a fresh copy of Adobe Reader, ver 9.3 this time, which worked great right away. That is until I rebooted: SAME PROBLEM.


      Thanks for helping.