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    Ai CS4 tools box missing.


      I was using Ai Cs 4. It works well for me. A few days ago, I was open the Ai but the tools box missing. The window bar is blank. I clicked everything on Tools also Window but I can't find the tools box. I tried too many times but the problem still the same. So I uninstalled the program and reinstalled back again but it didn't help.


      I used Mac Os 10.6.2 with Imac Intel Core duo 2. I have researched for solution but none of them are found to be useful. Now, I am getting trouble because I have to finish my work


      Please give me advice. Thank you very much.

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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

          First I want to reassure you nothing is wrong with your install of illustrator.


          And I am going to help you fix this but you must be willing to accept what I say as so or you will not fix it.


          I have had people with this problem argue with me about this even though this is the cause and cure.


          So here we go. You have done one of two things the first one is most likely.


          1 You attempted to make an alias of the application to a location such as the desktop, or some such location.

          In doing so you held the option key down while dragging the application icon. Holding the option nly while dragging produces a copy and not an alias.


          An alias is produce if you hold the command and option key at the same time and then drag the icon that will produce an alias and not a copy.


          2 You move the application outside of the Adobe Illustrator application folder, perhaps also thinking you were making an alias.


          The problem is that this will break certain lined coding and things like certain menu items and the tools which are in the folder will no longer be acesible to the application.


          Once again this is the only way this will happen.


          The way to fix is to trash the copy making certain that you have not simply moved it out of the application folder, if the letter is the case move it back to the application folder if it is a copy trash it and holding down the Command+Option keys drag the original application icon that is in the Adobe Illustrator folder to the location you want to make the alias.


          If you want you can also trash the preferences or rest them the by holding down the command option shift keys as you launch Illustrator.


          BTW this was covered a couple of weeks ago an about a month go and about a month before that as well.


          which was found here by doing a search lost tools in Illustrator



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            natchayar Level 1



            Thank you very much. The problem is fixed. I want to share how can I fix it with the other members.

            I email to technician support and I got the advice from them


            Re-creating the Illustrator preferences files restores settings to
            their defaults.


            To re-create the Illustrator preferences files:


            1. Quit Illustrator.


            2. Drag the Adobe Illustrator [version] Settings folder from the
            Users/[user]/Library/Preferences folder to the Trash.


            3. Restart Illustrator.


            This should resolve your issue. If it does, please let us know, however
            in case it does not; please revert with any new information that you
            might want to add which will help us in resolving your issue.


            For more info related to the issue, please click the following link: