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    Flex: TypeError: Error #1010: A term is undefined and has no properties.


      Hi friends.,

      I am using Flex tree control and list control to display the tree node to click that node to change in list data using arraycollection.,

      at the time to click list data to expanding selected nodes in tree control.How. using the coding in list change event below.

      Error ll be display at folderTree.selecteditem= folderArray[doc_folder_id};

      A term is undefined and has no properties.


           public function changeTree(event:Event):void

                      var doc_folder_id:int=List(event.target).selectedItem.document_folder_id  ;
                      folderTree.expandChildrenOf(folderArray[0], false);
                      folderTree.selectedItem =folderArray[doc_folder_id] ;




      Any one help me....


      With Regards..