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    Flash preferences unclickable, focus issue?


      We have a flash app deployed that needs permission to use the user's camera and mic. Sometimes when the flash permissions dialog and/or the preferances are displayed, it takes numerious clicks on the Allow/Deny buttons to make the click register.


      Picture 2.png


      This error seems very random and when it occures, it usually only takes 2 or 3 clicks to have the button register the click--however, sometimes I've simply been unable to have the click register for over 10 clicks on the same button. Since the issue seems to occure somewhat sporatic, we have had a hard time determinining its cause.


      This problem seem very similar to a bug with Flash Player in Firefox on OSX where if the web page is scrolled to a point where part of the flash instance is off screen, then the Allow/Deny buttons can not be clicked until the user scrolls the page until the entire flash instance is on screen. In our case, the flash instance in question is always displayed in its entirety on screen.


      Can anyone help us understand the cause of this issue and/or how to correct it?

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          I think it's a security feature to avoid clickjacking by popping it up right as a user is clicking it.  Resizing the stage, moving the stage, or really doing anything to the swf resets the time in which it is unclickable, which seems to be half a second or so.


          Additionally, the dialog won't work if partially overlapped by any other html element on the page.  Adobe doesn't give us a nice explanation, they just freeze the player until you uncover it.