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    Dropdown list behaviour


      Hi there,

      I am using Designer 8.2 (within SAP) to generate an Interactive Form. A dropdown list is filled with almost 1000 entries. This forms works OK by opening it with Adobe Reader 9. The problem comes when I tried to use it in a mobile device, Motorola MC75, WM6.1.


      The form and even the dropdown list opens ok, but the problem comes when I select certain items from the dropdown. When the field looses its focus, the item changes by itself, normally to an item at the bottom of the list.


      I couldn't find any pattern whatsoever that gives me a hint about this problem.

      Has anybody run into something similar?

      Is there any special consideration in populating a table used as a source of a dropdown regarding the Item Code and Item Text?


      Thanks a lot for any help!