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    Embedding Youtube player


      Hi All,


      I want to have the youtube player within my flex app. At the moment I use the swfloader which loads my movie.
      This is ok. But I have 2 questions.


      By default the fullscreen button isn't available within this player.
      1. How can I add this fullscreen button?


      And I get some error when loading another video. Read some articles that the swfloader have to unload the first video, but am not succeeded in doing this.
      2. Can someone provide an example?


      (or if there is a better way to embed the youtube player, please let me know!)


      Thansk in advance!

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          Vanden_B Level 1

          I've tested Tubeloc. With this I can indeed load succesfully another movie.

          On the other hand, it's heavier then using SWFLoader. Hope to find a fix for loading different movies without errors.


          And I still have question 1 open. How to provide a Fullscreen button in the (embedded) Youtube player?

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            Vanden_B Level 1

            OK, now I have the fullscreen button (added "?fs=1" to the videoId).

            A click on this button won't do the trick but I have found a workaround. Added an transparant button above the Fullscreen button in the player, catch the click and perform a custom function.

            In this function I define a Rectangle and do a: stage.displayState = "fullScreen".


            But, almost there, I'm getting annoying scrollbars within my fullscreen modus!

            The cause of this is that the fullscreen modus want to show all elements at the stage.  But that is not what I want because I only want to show the region within my Rectangle.


            Is there a way to remove the scrollbars from the fullscreen modus, and only show the part within the Rectangle?