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    Templates seem to partially update pages - I have to re-save pages

    brightbelt Level 1


        I'm on DW CS4 (intel Mac). I've got a rather large site and it's my only professional site account I've done (which was a long time ago - I was terrible at design then).


      Anyways, I've had this site in DW CS3 (now in CS4) and it seemed to do fine. It had templates from when I started this on Frontpage.


      Now, when I update templates, they look like they update all the pages and they seem to, but when I view them online, the changes in navigation don't go through and I actually have to go re-save the pages individually and re-put the pages online again manually. THEN, I see the changes and I still often have to refresh the page to do so.


      The changes I'm making are in CSS rollovers with images navigation. In IE (I think in all versions, except IE 5 which I don't have), the spaces between these images come out small, so I have to correct them by changing the height property in my CSS. THEN, as a result of that, the buttons look Too far spread out in Firefox and Safari.


      Is there a compromise on this maybe? Here's the site:



      I appreciate any feedback on how to get a more consistent look across browsers.


      Many Thanks, Frank B.