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    Best approaches to writing procedures with numbered list items?

    avi10000 Level 1

      Hi all,




      I have been using RH7 HTML for a while now, and fortunately I have been writing stuff that did not require me to write lots of procedures (using numbered list styles), although I did do some last year. But now I have to do a lot of them.




      I am finding the RH7 HTML Design editor really quite bad when it comes to writing procedures. I find that the numbering stops or restarts, and have trouble controlling the indenting. Since I think I know HTML/CSS quite well now, I often go into the HTML pane and fix up the code and that makes it come out well. But that is a pain.




      One idea I had and I am going to try now is to simply ignore the numbering on my first pass, and just write my content and surround the paragraphs that require numbering with the strings STEP_L1 and ENDSTEP. And when I have completed a decent sized piece of work I will go into a code editor and do Find+Replace on STEP_L1 and ENDSTEP to change them to the appropriate HTML+CSS tags.




      So I would be interested in hearing tips on how to get up to speed in writing procedures. When I do these in Word, I zip along. But in RH every additional procedure step gives a headache.






      While on this subject, here is another question on numbering: is there a way of getting "labeled " numbering, e.g., Step 1, Step 2, and so on?  Maybe really a CSS question and not appropriate here.