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    AIR 2.0 Beta - JAWS 11 issues?

    smon_ed Level 1

      The known issues list for AIR 2.0 beta lists some issues with JAWS 11 which they say will be sorted before the full release.


      Can anyone clarify what these issues are?  If no-one knows, does anyone know a good email address to shoot that question off to?  I'm going around in circles on the Adobe website looking for an appropriate email or place to put the question so here I am *waves*


      Hasd anyone had much experience with creating full accessibility using Adobe AIR - especially with regards to screen reader software and speech-to-text software?  My clients are specifically quoting JAWS 11 as the priority testing platform for screen reader, so I need to make my application as accessible to that as possible... so the known issues rings alarm bells for me.... here's hoping.....



      Thanks in advance for any info.