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    Double Click Issue

    abaki Level 1

      Hi there,


      I have a problem with click events. I have implemented a http service that returns an xml. Simply to see the result I add a button and a textarea. when I click on button it invokes my http request service and updates textarea according to result. but I cannot see the results immediately. In a second click it updates the screen.


      any solution ?

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          abaki Level 1

          I just add an event and now it works, but I am not sure


          <mx:Tree x="36" y="62" width="244" height="711" id="fTree" enabled="true" fontFamily="Courier New" updateComplete="update_tree()" ></mx:Tree>


          At first, I assigned data provider of tree inside the button click event, now I did it inside update_tree() event and it works.