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    Gradients crashing Illustrator CS4

    mrmr450 Level 1

      Hey there,


      I'm not sure why, but here's the deal...  I applied a few gradients to a few layers, nothing too fancy.  I went back to edit a gradient (in the same direction, just slightly different color), dragged and dropped with the gradient tool, and Illustrator crashes.  I've tried this multiple times, and each time it crashes.


      Does this happen to anyone else?  Or anyone know what the deal is?


      Thanks ahead of time!

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          ChrisGeo1 Level 1

          I've noticed Illustrator often crashes when I am rotating a linear gradient using the arrow keys, especially if you quickly change direction of rotation without a pause in between when holding the shift key down for 5 degree steps.

          This does point to issues with the gradient tools, though I haven't had the same exact issue as you have.

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            Brandon M Smith Level 1

            I'm having the same issue, after working in an Illustrator file for a while and then I try using the gradient tool and Illustrator crashes. Has anyone found an answer to this yet?

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Might relate to some garbage data from the gradient annotator being stored for those obhjects and it bombing out the app. Hard to say without the files for inspection. I would try to isolate the gradients you do not wanna edit by grouping them or applying an "empty" effect to them, i.e. a Gaussian Blur that has no radius set, but still would enforce to treat the object rasterized. this might prevent the odd state. You can of course also save a version of the document and also persistently flatten the appaearance of the offending items...



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                seasonswither Level 1

                This is happening to me daily and is always triggered by the gradient direction tool. I've learned to save constantly but especially when reflowing a gradient of any kind. Are there answers yet and is Adobe aware of this issue?

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                  Monika Gause Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  seasonswither schrieb:


                  Are there answers yet and is Adobe aware of this issue?


                  Don't expect anything to happen in Version CS4.


                  In case you experience trouble in the current version, you might want to create a new thread and post some relevant system info.