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    Scrollpane not displaying on Mac Help




      I'm currently in the proccess of making an interactive DVD with Director 11.5 on a PC. On it I have content in a scrollpane. The content I'm using

      is put together in Illustrator CS3 and then exported as a swf file for Flash player 9. When I publish the projector for windows everything works fine.

      The text and images are all visable, I can scroll up and down no problems. But when I publish for Mac, The scrollpane does not appear, either does the content. There is just a white box, no scroll bar either.

      Is there something I must do to allow the scrollpane and swf content to work on Mac. This DVD must work on both platorms and at the moment I

      need to get the prototype I have  burned as a hyprid DVD and sent off to someone to be viewed.

      Any help at the this time would be appreciated!