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    innerHTML equivalent


      hi everyone i need your help (sorry for my english)

      lets say i have this element :


      <mx:VBox id="test" click="insertMxml(event)">




      And I want to inset mxml inside it dynamically  when the user clicks the element or do something else in the page.

      in javascript i will simply write:



          function insertHTML(){

                test.innerHTML = "<myHTML stuff>"






           public function insertHTML(event:MouseEvent):void{

                what should i do in flex...? 





      thank you very much head!

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          archemedia Level 4

          You cannot add 'mxml' at runtime, but since mxml is in fact pure AS3, you can. Use AddChild method to do this.


          <mx:VBox id="test" click="insertMxml(event)">






          private function insertMxml(evt:Event):void


               var myComp:MyCustomComp = new MyCustomComp();




          You can make this as simple or as complex as you want. The simplest way is to make a custom component and add an instance of it to a visual container (in this case a VBox).


          You can remove childs using methods like removeChildAt, removeAllChildren...



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            yehuda1233456 Level 1

            thank you!


            I really think they should add function that enables adding mxml in run time like DOM, it's very convenient