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    XML vs. Actionscript

    sbryner Level 1
      this might create a debate more than a "this is better than that" fact, I'm not sure...

      I want to create an array that "could be" very long with many properites for each element.
      would it be better to load it in from an XML file or create the array in an external actionscript file and
      link it from there?

      I've never had to link files that include arrays and would appreciate any guidance.

      THE GOAL:
      to easily update information in an array. Also, if possible create a .swf that would add/remove elements with properties into/from the array that another .swf would read from.

      which is quickest to load from XML or Actionscript? Actionscript it seems in the text I've read so far from kirupa.com.

      any ideas which would work best?