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    Text formatting fails in IE and Chrome




      I have recently created my first website in DW and it turns out great until I export it from DW. That's where the problem starts.

      I have constantly observed my website's behaviour during creation, previewing it repeatedly to make sure everything works as it should. Unfortunately I neglected doing this in more than just one browser. I have now repeatedly tested the website in both Chrome and IE before uploading and the local test runs are always flawless. However, as soon as I upload the page I get the following problem:

      My website works perfectly fine in Firefox but IE and Chrome fail to recognise the site's borders and keep the text running in the same line until the actual paragraph ends in DW. To verify you can have a look at my website here: www.christopherfunke.com

      I really hope somebody can help me with this.

      Thank you in advance.


      Kindest regards,