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    Dreamweaver CS3 very slow after reinstall




      I'm using the CS3 Web Premium on OSX for two years without any problems.

      Now, i prepared the MAC for a collegue (i've got a new MAC) and created a new user account and deleted mine.

      After starting Dreamwaever it tooks very long to start up. If i open a blank HTML-Page the coloured MAC-ball appears for 30-40 seconds until the new document is opened. Every action in DW is delayed for several seconds and the ball comes up very oftern.


      All other programms in the CS3 bundle (PS, Flash, Illustrator) works fast as usual.


      The MAC is an G5 Power Mac 1,8 GhZ dual.


      I already deleted the preference, reset parameter-ram, uninstalled and reinstalled CS3, removed dust inside the mac, checked the RAM - without any success.


      Does someone have a solution please?!