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    Flash paths don't work once uploaded to server


      I have a bunch of loadMovie() scripts in my flash files and everything loads fine when I open the flash files from my folder.


      Once I preview them online on my test server, the loadMovie() scripts no longer work.


      Has anyone encountered this?  Does my paths need to change in order to view the flash files online?

      Right now, I have everything realitive to the flash file so:


      My main file is test.swf.  that loads in fine in the website.

      But test.swf loads in test2.swf which is contained in a flash folder so my loadMovie script it

      loadMovie("flash/test2.swf", 2)


      I don't get it, works fine when I open from the folder, but when viewing on the web, doesn't load in?

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          first make sure your paths are correct by opening your html locally in your browser.  if your flash works correctly when opening the html locally but not when opening the html on your server, check for typos.   for example, if test2.swf is really test2.SWF your loadMovie() will work locally but not online.


          also, you should be using loadMovieNum(), not loadMovie() when loading into a _level.


          if checking and fixing those 2 issues doesn't solve your problem, post a link to your embedding html