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    Strings panel, Locale and wiring it up

      My brain probably is wired differently than Adobe's / Macromedia's, because I really don't get it.

      I'm trying to use the strings panel to get Flash to substitute international texts. Rudementary this works. However my working mode is just a tad different that the three available in Flash: I want to use the default determined language but be able to override it later on (some users have their language set wrongly on their computer... e.g. me).

      First what I don't get: why can't I just set the active language in the "automatically at runtime" mode? Flash knows the textfields, its knows the translation table... Just set that language and have flash update all fields... Why not?

      Ok then, to the actionscript approach (in the first frame):

      Locale.autoReplace = true;
      Locale.initialize(); // initialize according to system language
      Locale.addDelayedInstance(mainmenu_concepts_txt, "IDS_MENU_CONCEPTS");
      Locale.addDelayedInstance(mainmenu_collection_txt, "IDS_MENU_COLLECTION");
      ... // more addDelayedInstance
      language_en_btn.onRelease = function()
      language_de_btn.onRelease = function()

      <Grumble>Why do I need to code out the links between the translationtable and the textfields? Flash knows this already.</Grumble>

      Ok. Well, let's test that...
      Comes up with English... Ok...
      Click German.. Yes! All fields in German!
      Click English... Yessss...
      Click German... HEY!!!! Still English? WTF? Click again. Noooo, not English, GERMAN!

      Turns out the replace only occurs on the first load of a language.

      Now, either I simply don't get it, or I simply don't get it. Do I really need to write this international stuff myself? I can, you know. ;-)