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    Adobe Lifecycle Designer and reader

    Bob Goldb

      I am using Adobe Lifecycle Designer ES 8.2 to design online forms.  The version of Adobe Reader at the company is 8.  When a user fills out the form using Adobe Reader 8, the user is unable to safe the form in Adobe Reader 8.  Subsequently, the user cannot attach the form via email.  The user receives a message in Adobe Reader that he/she can only save a blank version of the form, not a form filled with data.  Is there a workaround for this?

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          ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Did you enable the form for Reader users to be able to save (that's an extra step after building the form)?


          I'm not sure where it is in Designer but in Acrobat it's under Advanced>Extend features in Adobe Reader...


          One thing to keep in mind (since you mentioned you are using this for a company) is that there are limitations in the EULA that prevent you from collecting data from a form more than 500 times. More than that could put your company at risk.


          It may not be a big deal for your use but it's worth looking in to if you are going to use saveable forms.