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    Unable to export to dv input


      I just got a new dell precisioin T3500 with and intel xeon, it has an internal IEEE port "OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller" is what device manager says.  I'm using Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5, i know its not the newest but it somewhat works, what I'm trying to do is export the timeline through the IEEE into my JVC mini dv recorder, now it works fine on another one of my computers but since i got this new one it is not working, is there a compatability issue with the internal IEEE, is it not strong enough for it, or is there just like a simple setting that has to happen?

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          Jeff Bellune Level 6

          This has affected a lot of Windows 7 computers.  There's a Microsoft Knowledge Base article (#885222) that applies to Windows XP, but the fix reportedly works in 7 as well.


          Skip the patch file (it won't run in Windows 7) and proceed to the middle of the page where you'll find instructions on how to fix it manually.  That section starts off with this paragraph:


          After you install this update, if you add a host controller for a new  1394 device to your computer, you must  add or modify the SidSpeed entry  in the Windows registry for the new 1394 host controller. To do this,  follow these steps:


          Be aware that the fix involves tinkering with the Registry, so make sure you have a good, solid backup before you attempt the fix.



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            Mike__MRM Level 1

            thank you for your quick reply, I'm sorry, i forgot to specify the Operating System, I'm running windows XP Professional, and it is actually a school computer in a computer video editing class, and i might have rights to the registry but could get in deep trouble if i mess with all of this, i will show the technology department this post and see if there able to do it.


            Now you said there is an update, that wont run on win 7, if it works on win XP then ill try to run the update and see what happens, if it isnt fixed then i will submit a work order to see if i can get the techs to do it.