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    importing avi doesn't seem to import the full clip? CS4


      I am absolutely brand new to Premiere and have only previously used Windows MovieMaker so I'm completely out of my depth and the help documents do seem to expect quite a lot of pre-existing knowledge. That out of the way, I have managed to import video and still images to the application.


      When I import a .mov (an iStock stock video) it comes in fine, plays fine in its source window as well as the program window (again, I'm not entirely sure what these are called - source refers to the player on the left and by program I mean the player on the right of the application).


      When I import an avi clip (HD widescreen video exported from my Nikon D90), it imports but I only see a couple of frames (sometimes only one if it's very short) when I try to play it in the application. The video plays fine outside the app and uploaded to YouTube with no problems.


      Any idea what I could be doing wrong? Should I be converting to some other format?