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    Issue with Opening a PDF file


      We have just completed an upgrade of one of our servers executing Reporting Services.   The upgrade was from 2005 to 2008.


      After we have rendered a report and have it saved in PDF format, we start having issues.


      If we try to open the PDF by double clicking on the file name in Windows Explorer, Adobe Reader starts, but sits unresponsive and consumes an excessive amount of CPU cycles.    It never completes the open and we have to kill the Adobe Reader process in Task Manager.


      If we start Adobe Reader, and then use the Menu to do FIle -> Open, the PDF file opens immediately.


      We have attempted both methods using several different versions of Adobe Reader.    The issue occurs on all versions prior to 9.3.


      Since we are a service organization, we are unable to force our clients to upgrade to a more current version of Adobe Reader without providing assurances that this will correct this issue.


      Has anyone else seen this type of issue with opening PDF files rendered by Reporting Services?   And if so, what is the cause and how did you correct it?