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    Advance timeline when all movieclips are visible?


      Hi everyone. I am looking to have the timeline continue (gotoAndPlay basically) when the movieclips in the frame are visible.


      I'm trying to make a simple game where the user clicks differences and they (movieclips) are made visible in a table of discovered differences.


      When these movieclips are visible, the timeline should continue to the congratulatory frame.


      I was given the following code:



      if(mc1._visible && mc2._visible && mc3._visible && mc4._visible){




      I have replaced 'mc1' .etc with the instance names of the table entries recording what differences have been found. However, I don't know where to put this script (i assume it's on the frame where the movieclips become visible when differences are clicked). In addition, what do i replace 'somemovieclip' with?


      If anyone could please help me, I would be very grateful