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    Mobile Air Applictions




      I firstly appologise if this is a well know quesiton, however I've searched the net without successs.


      I'm an experienced Java developer and moved to flash and now flex using actionscript 3.


      I wish to run Air applications from my memory stick. So the runtime needs to be on that memory stick (or CD etc).


      This is easy with Java.


      Can this be achieved using Air? If not is there a reason why Adobe don't allow this? Any help greatly appreciated.




      I'm a student teacher and I move from School to School. I've produced an applicaiton that shows maths games for pupils. The School's ITdepartments don't allow installation on the computers and their flash players are versions 6 or 7.


      Thanks in anticipation for any help.


      Warm Regards


      Paul Brassington

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          Joe ... Ward Level 4

          While we don't support this for "production" use, it sounds like, in your case, you could keep a copy of the AIR SDK on the memory stick or CD and run your AIR programs using the ADL utility.


          Alternately, if you don't need the AIR specific APIs (like unrestricted file system access, etc), you could create Flash projectors for your programs. A projector is a standalone executable that doesn't need to be installed. You can create one  using the stand alone Flash Players available here: http://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/downloads.html