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    Word Spacing In Dreamweaver CS4 Not Working.


      I'm following this tutorial for creating a navigation bar:




      The problem I'm having is that no matter which rule I target, I cannot get any word spacing.


      This is how the text is appearing:


      Desserts Drinks Fowl Meat Pasta Seafood Vegetables


      This is all the code applied to the navbar:


      #navbar2 {

      font-family: "Lucida Sans Unicode", "Lucida Grande", sans-serif;

      font-size: 22px;

      color: #7C6E6A;

      height: 30px;

      width: 700px;

      padding-left: 95px;

      font-weight: bold;

      text-transform: capitalize;

      padding-top: 54px;



      #navbar2 ul {

      text-decoration: none;

      margin: 0px;

      padding: 0px;

      vertical-align: middle;



      #navbar2 ul li {

      display: inline;



      #navbar2 ul li a {

      font-family: "Lucida Sans Unicode", "Lucida Grande", sans-serif;

      font-size: 16px;

      color: #7C6E6A;

      text-decoration: none;

      float: right;

      padding-right: 15px;

      padding-left: 15px;



      Any ideas on what's wrong with and/or missing from the code?