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    Strategy in developing User Guide for  company


      I am currently tasked in developing a strategy for creating a user guide based on some documents that were created by a previous employee.

      Version Of Robohelp
      Robohelp Office X5

      Previous Help Documents
      Microsoft Office Powerpoint 2003

      My Current Strategy
      After some trial and errors, I have attempted to save the powerpoint slides as WebPage, which would generate htm files that implement frames.
      Next I tried to import the corresponding html file, which is performed successfully by RoboHelp. (The relevant GIF files are imported as well). In the WYSIWYG window, the display of the htm file is correct. However, when I want to generate with WebHelp, I am not able to the page correctly.

      The error message is this:
      Object Expected...

      Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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          Author care Level 2
          In my opinion you're better off copying the text stright over to RoboHELP or better still paste into notepad first then copy and paste into RH. This will strip out any formatting. The Gifs should be saved as separate files then imported into RH. This will give you a cleaner result. Hopefully if you do things this way you should avoid bringing in any extra HTML which might be causing your problem....