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    One ereader with 2 computers (different email addresses)


      Hi - I have looked through the help, FAQ, and forum, and have not found an answer to my question.  Since it seems that there are a lot of ways to do the wrong thing, I thought I'd ask before I tried anything.


      I have authorized ADE on one computer (running Windows 7), then authorized my Sony pocket ereader after loading the Sony library software. This all appears to work, and I successfully downloaded a library book. I have a second computer running Windows XP and having a different email address, on which I have installed ADE, and I would like to use my Sony reader with this computer as well.  Is this as simple as authorizing the second computer with the same Adobe ID, then connecting my reader? Will the reader already be authorized to work with the second computer (i.e., is it the Adobe ID that is important, not the actual computer)?  If not, can I authorize it? Is one reader with two computers a problem?  Is it a problem that the computers have different email addresses and/or operating systems?


      Sorry if these are stupid questions.

      Thanks for any help,