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    [AS] Linking to/copying graphics to a server location in ID CS4



      I have an indesign CS4 document with a graphic placed locally from the desktop. I then via script copy that indesign file to a folder, and then copy the graphic files into a sub-folder. (that part works ok).

      If I open the indesign document locally, it finds the local graphic files. If delete the local graphic files, and open the indesign document locally, it finds the server copy of those graphic files. If I open from the server, same type of results.


      ... I tried relink - here is the guts of it...


      relink OpenFile's link <graphic> to <newpathlocation>

      where <graphic> would be the graphic to update and <newlocation> is the server path; those parts of the script evaluate properly; I am getting the proper graphic name and the proper server path location.


      What is the best way - via apple script - to have it always reference the graphic files copied to the server; even if the parts exist locally?


      Thanks in advance -