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    Need Action Script

      What actions script would I use to load movie_B.swf, frame 200 into my main timeline? I want to skip the first 199 frames of movie_B.swf when loaded.
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          Damon Edwards Level 3
          use the MovieClipLoader class to load the external SWF file. Use its onLoadInit() event to send it to frame 200.
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            necie Level 1
            I'm having a little problem understanding the MovieClipLoader class. I'm more of an amateur when it comes to AS. I'm using Script Assist as well... Here's as far as I got.

            on (release) {
            not_set_yet.onLoadInit = function(target) {
            FOR THE FIRST PART.... not_set_yet.loadClip(movie_B.swf,1);
            1 - I'm not sure what the "Object" should be (where the "not_set_yet" is in the AS)
            2 - I'm pretty sure the "URL" should be the actual name of my loaded .swf
            3 - I'm assuming the "Target" is the level... is that correct?

            FOR THE FIRST PART....not_set_yet.onLoadInit = function(target)
            1 - Should the "Object:" be the frame (where it says 'not yet set') I want to load? If not what is this?
            2 - The next two lines filled themselves in with for the Method and Parameters

            Any help is greatly appreciated.
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              Damon Edwards Level 3