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    Help: Baggage Files & Captivate Videos

    Andrea Trainer

      Hello, I really need your assistance --


      I have created a robohelp project using RoboHelp 8. I would like to create a link from one of my topics to a Captivate video.


      I created the baggage file by attaching the Captivate HTML file and the Standard.js (java script file) needed to run the captivate video.


      I pressed the SHIFT key and dragged the video to the location in the topic where I want it to appear. When I view the topic and click the captivate video link, the link works perfectly. However, when i compile my help project and click the link to the video, the link doesnt work.


      Can anyone tell me what i am doing wrong?


      p.s. I dont want to insert a multimedia/demo in the topic, it takes up too much space and looks horrible.