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    Controlling scrollbar scroll location

    jordan brough
      I'm posting this solution because I couldn't find the answer in these (or other) forums when I had the problem, and hopefully this will help someone else who has the same problem someday. It would be great if an example about this particular issue (including scrollbars) were in the Flex documentation somewhere. Perhaps it is and I just couldn't find it, of course.

      Basically, I had a box inside of a box, and some content in the inner box. The outer box had a specific height and the inner box had height='100%'. I wanted the inner box to create its own scrollbars and do the scrolling for the content inside it, but the outer box seemed to insist on doing the scrolling.

      The short answer is this: Set minHeight=0 on an inner container to get it to display scrollbars itself instead of passing on the buck to outer containers.

      I've got the long answer in my post about solving the scrollbar issue on my own blog.