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    Help with PHP and

    IAuchmoody27 Level 1

      Notice: Undefined index: product_style in/var/www/html/qualitycarton.com/cw3/admin/ProductForm.php on line 509


      This is what I get when I tried to add a field to my cartweaver database.


      If you don't know cartweaver it's basically a dreamweaver extension for ecommerce. I wanted to add some fields to the product table in the database. I successfully added the fields, added the input fields on the productform.php and the necessary scripts to productaction.php, I also used


      $yourvariable = "";
      if (isset($_POST['yourvariable'])) {
         $yourvariable = $_POST['yourvariable'];


      in the form but for some reason I still have an undefined index. Please help!