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    Applying a new template to pre-existing pages -seeking advice


      We are in a time crunch to "clean-up" a very old site. We have created the design we need for the template.. but have not templated it yet.  We would like to retain the current content which is displaying in a variety of formats (colums etc) but need advice on the most expeditious manner to do this.  I have read and tried a couple of tests with older templates etc but the steps do not appear to occur in the manner in which the instructions indicate they will.  there is roughly 10,000 pages of content on this site (pre clean up) We have CS4.


      The current site is calling its banner header and navigation and left column nav with includes and I am just wondering if it wouldn't be faster that way although I REALLY don't want to jump backwards like that.  But given the time crunch...just trying to get expert advice on best way to move forward.  We have about 3 weeks to do this.  Any consideration of my request would be greatly appreciated!