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    Proxy-Service without a proxy-service.xml


      HI all,


      I'm trying to use the BlazeDS proxy-service to proxy my Web Service calls through so I can avoid the security issues of directly speaking to a remote SOAP Service.


      I am using Spring-Actionscript on the client now so I can externalize all of the server config into config files instead of code. I've been really frustrated at trying to do this for the SOAP Proxy-service. No matter what destination, channelset or remote url I set, the runtime insists on loading the destination channel information from the ServerConfig class.


      Is there no way around this hardcoded implementation? I've thought of exposing the services-config.xml and me downloading the file as the first thing I do in my flex app, or of bypassing the proxy service altogether and use RemoteObjects for Flex - Remote communication and let the RemoteObject deal with talking to the Web Service.


      Has anyone ever solved this problem? I'm wondering if Adobe will solve this in BlazeDS 4....


      Thanks for your help!!


      Ronak Patel