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    Locking Table width for newsletter???

    JulesN Level 2

      I have been requested to create a newsletter that looks the same as the site.  Of course, the client wants to email the newletter in html format and css does not work.  I have 3 columns.  The first contains an image, so I don't have to be concerned about that one.  The second is to be the major content, and the third needs to have monthly specials in it.  Even if I remove the third column, the second (content) column continues to expand width wise.  I have not worked solely with html for quite some years.  Any ideas as to how to keep the newsletter to a width of 800px and better yet, to keep that second column from expanding?


      Thanks in advance!


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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          <table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="5" width="800">


          <td width="200">column #1 content here</td>
          <td width="400">column #2 content goes here</td>
          <td width="200">column #3 content goes here</td>




          More on coding HTML Emails




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            JulesN Level 2

            Once text is added, the column width is ignored and expands.  I have built it to expand in height, but this expands right off the page width-wise.


            I noticed through the link that you posted that gmail is my major concern with adding css.  I guess I'm going

            to have to create the newsletter with css and do the usual link if you can't

            read the email or if anyone has html turned off in their email client.  I guess that's the way to go, anyway.


            Your link was great.

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              JoeDaSilva Level 4

              HTML email newsletters are a completely different beast compared to regular webpages, and come with their own crazy set of rules. This page from Campaign Monitor is a great reference: http://www.campaignmonitor.com/css/ It'll show what you can do on each platform. You'll note that Gmail and Outlook 2007 are the biggest pains in the butt.


              A few general tips:


              • 600PX wide is widely considered a safe standard, I wouldn't go higher than that.
              • Don't use background images of any kind (Gmail and Outlook 07 completely ignore them), but background colors are fine, so are regular images.
              • All of your images must be linked absolutely, .../images/picture.jpg won't work, but http://example.com/images/picture.jpg will.
              • Keep your css styles (the ones you do use) inline, not linked to an external stylesheet or at the top of the body
              • You MUST include both an unsubscribe link and the postal address of your client in the message (most likely at the bottom). This is Federal law.
              • Make sure your client is using an email service such as Constant Contact, MailChimp, StreamSend, etc. If they're planning on sending this from one of their local computers it's only a matter of time before major ISP's start black-listing their entire domain


              Good luck!

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                JoeDaSilva Level 4

                Oh and for your expanding width problem, if you're using code like Nancy suggested you should be fine. Make sure you're not testing it by typing out something with no breaks, ie: "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa". If you're copying and pasting text from a client try pasting it into Notepad first, then re-copying from there and pasting. MS Word can add it's own goofy code.

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                  JulesN Level 2

                  OH MY GOD!!! It was the fact that I was typing continuous

                  with no breaks!!!  That was it!  You've solved the problem that has taken me all day to figure out!!!  Thank you!  THANK YOU!


                  Sometimes the obvious... just isn't quite so!