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    Opening File browser(s) from a projector

    Dignified_Dude Level 1

      Hello everyone,


      I need some help, if it's possible




      I have a projector file that from within it I need the end user to be able to click a button and open either Macintosh's Finder or Window's Explorer applications. I would be supremely happy with just getting this far, allowing the user to then navigate to where they need to get to. Extra super duper credit would be to get the file browsers to open to specific file location on the DVD the project will be playing on.


      Basically, I have some midi files in a folder on the CD in their own folder that the end user will need to copy to their hard drive. The client wants a button that will essentially open the file browser right to the folder with the midi files. This of course would be after an explanation as to why and what they need to do that for.


      I've considered using BuddyAPI, FileIO and other..but I'm striking out everywhere...


      Any suggestions?


      Thanks for any help you provide in advance

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          Mike Blaustein Level 4

          On WIndows, you should be able to


          open "c:\windows\" with "explorer.exe"


          And on Mac, the same sort of thing would work with "Finder.app"


          Alternately you can use BuddyAPI's BaShell() or baRunProgram() to do it.

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            Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

            You could of course use Buddy API to copy the files instead of relying on the end user to do so manually.

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              Dignified_Dude Level 1



              Thanks for the replies


              Would there ever be a case where explorer.exe and Finder.app are not in the specified locations? Would it be better to figure out how to open the file browsers with BuddyAPI?


              As far as copying the files for the end user I considered that, however the nature of the exercise that will require them to copy files is somewhat dependant on the end users additional software install locations as well as the files the end user wants to use. So, I figured I'd open the file browser after giving them detailed instructions on what the files are and how to use them. Plus I imagine that with as many files as there are I'd have to build some sort of list in Director making it selectable (single or groups) and then building all sorts of additional functionality for moving, copying, etc the files.


              I'm a bit new to the Macintosh OS could someone share some code with the correct syntax to call Finder.app on a Macintosh?


              Thank you

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                Mike Blaustein Level 4

                Since both explorer and finder are in the OSes main path, you do not need to specify the path to them.  The exact code I posted will work.

                  And you can simply swap out "finder.app" with "explorer.exe" to do it on Mac.


                That said, I would highly recommend that you look at the documentation for BuddyAPI.  It seems to be able to do everything you want.  There are commands like




                which will give you a cross-platform dialog box allowing the user to choose a file.  It can be used to select multiple files and return them as a list which you can then copy with





                or any of the other file copying commands (for example with progress meters and other options).  The documentation for BuddyAPI is very detailed and well-written, so you should be able to implement your plan fairly easily.

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                  Dignified_Dude Level 1

                  Thanks Mike


                  Yeah it worked fine on the Mac...bit slow to open the Finder which had me thinking it wasn't working. I guess for now I'll have to live with. At least til I get more familiar with BuddyAPI and do as you suggested and maintain full control of the file movement etc within Director.


                  FYI - if you haven't caught on by now I'm a bit new to scripting with director...I've worked with in small capacities in the past but largely avoided most of it where possible. I guess it's time to advance my Director scripting knowledge.


                  I am a bit concerned with the lack of percieved support of this product from Adobe. I mean you really have to dig for any support on their site it's as if they don't even want to aknowledge it's their product now.



                  Thank you