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    Fermi Intro Date Announcement

    Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      Well it looks like nVida will announce their next generation CUDA chip Fermi on March 26th.


      Of course we have nothing but rumors about Adobe and CS5 support of these products.  Here is a quick quote from the article with an idea about how deep you might have to reach into your bank vault to afford one or two.


      "While Nvidia hasn't given any final details on the specifications or prices of the high-end Fermi GPUs, SabrePC in the US is already listing a Geforce GTX480 for $699.99 (£453.57), though there's nothing listed on its specifications tab. We reckon the UK price point will be bumped up to at least £500 when the card becomes available over here. The somewhat slower Geforce GTX470 lists for $499.99 (£324.17)"