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      I creating a flash application that can be installed on a person's computer as a standalone application. I am using screentime media's swf desktop to turn the fla into an desktop app. How do I set up the fla so that it can not be redistrubuted or given away and used without using a serial number. I was thinking of using a database or something similar, but I am unable to figure out how to do it. I would like the software to check if it has been registered previously, and if so deny activation. Then the only way to activate the software would be to contact me so that I can issue a new serial number.

      Is this possible?
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          Ok what you need to do first is publish you Flash files as a Projector file.

          Then bring this Projector file into Jugglor


          Then you can password protect this Flash File.

          Jugglor -> Build -> Password

          You can also make the file expire on a certain day, X number times or days.

          Please download a FREE evaluation copy and play around with it.

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            I guess I did not make my request clear. We are not interested in using another product outside of screentime media. I need to know if there is a actionscript that I can use to only allow a registered person to use our product. Something similar to how commercial software makers (like adobe) do with their own software - so that if someone trys to install the product on more than one system, they will not be able to.

            We are very happy with Screentime media products and do not wish to use a competitor's product.