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    The Best Tool For Multiple Animated Objects




      I am expirimenting with Flash Web Sites, and I would like suggestions as to a starting point for my project, and I am assuming a Flash website is where I would start.


      Basically, If I were to open up a web page, I would like to see multiple animated objects.  For example, if I were to simulate an Emergency Room, I would have an EKG displaying a heart rate, then perhaps see a breathing maching apparatus moving up and down, a Drip bag (sorry, don't know the real term), dripping into a patient's tube.  And of course, if I were to roll over an object it would animate, and if clicked on more animation or on to another page.


      I tried creating the animated objects in Fireworks, and I thought I could combine various Firworks files into one, but it didn't work (too many frames), either becasue I lack the knowlege of how to do this or simply it cannot be done that way in Fireworks.  I had a background with one animated flashing object (that was easy), but combining multiple independent objects, I could not figure it out.


      Someone suggested that I would have to use Action Scripts, which made me realize, I don't know the best way to accomplish my example above, and although I know I may be over my head, I would just like to get direction as to where I should begin.


      Should it all be in Flash in the first place?  To continue on with the example above, after a user clicks on the rollover image, a girney comes rolling in and we are giving choices on a monitor with what our next actions should be, which would take us into another page.  (this is just to give you perpective of what I am trying to accomplish).


      Should I create independent animated objects (files) in Fireworks, then somehow import them into their specified location in Flash.


      I hope this makes sense and I am hoping someone is kind enough to provide a starting point.