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    How to populate file input value


      I have an AIR app that uses HTMLLoader to display a webpage. This webpage has a form that I want to automatically populate. That's all fine except one of the form elements is an <input type=file/>. Now I know that for security reasons browsers cannot populate the value of a file type input.


      But I have a Firefox Extension that does just that. This is an extract of the javascript that does it...


              var $mb = jQuery.noConflict();

              var imgFrame = $mb("iframe[name='UIAdCreativeImage_Frame']", window.content.document)[0].contentDocument;
              var fileBox = $mb(".UIAdCreativeImage_FileUpload", imgFrame)[0];
              fileBox.value = image_path;


      So if a browser extension can do it, is there no way for an AIR app to do it?