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    Breakpoints within cfc not being hit


      I run CFB B3 on Mac OS X. I've got CF8 and CFB running locally. I've got my debugging and server settings set up correctly and I can happily debug cfm files. However, when I set a breakpoint in a cfc that is part of a cfm request that breakpoint is never hit even though the cfc code is called and the breakpoint is coloured with a valid status (as opposed to '?' or 'x').


      Anyone any ideas?


      Thanks, Keith

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          First I would check if the instance of the cfc being called is stored in a persistent scope (Application, Session, etc), if it is the instance will not include changes to the code you have made since it was instantiated. To fix this restart the Coldfusion Application (It is a service in the Windows standalone install) or re-create the instance of the cfc.


          In the Coldfusion Administrator go to Server Settings > Caching and click the "Clear Template Cache Now" button.


          I hope this helps.

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            Griffin Level 1

            Thanks for the reply.


            I downloaded a trial version of FusionDebug and in this product there is a screen where all the mappings for the source code lookup are set. I haven't checked yet as I'm still evaluating the FusionDebug, but I think there will be a similar setting in the CF Builder debug where the source code lookup of files outside the project can be set.