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    Issues with save in Illustrator CS4


      When I try to save a file in Illustrator it takes ages for the "Illustrator Options" dialogue to appear, upwards of 30 seconds. During this time illustrator is frozen. I have tried saving a file with just a single line in it and all swatches brushes etc deleted and this still occurs so it is independent of file size and complexity. Also it happens regardless of the file type I am saving, eps ai etc.

      This also occurs when saving a file with the same name (Ctrl+S), it just takes ages and freezes Illustrator in the meantime, though obviously no dialogue box appears.

      Once the progress bar appears it seems to progress at the correct speed, it's just there's that initial long pause before saving commences.

      Files also open at the right speed.

      Saving different files in other programs e.g. psd files in Photoshop works fine, so I'm sure this is an Illustrator problem rather than a drive or hardware problem.

      I am running CS4 on a PC and have run updates recently. This problem just started occurring a day or two ago.

      Any help or pointers would be very much appreciated!

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          ChrisGeo1 Level 1

          ok i think I've got this sorted. I found the thread where someone was having a similar problem because of installing a new printer so changed my default printer to adobe pdf (even though I have had the same printer for years) and this solved the problem.

          A new conflict must have just started for some reason, perhaps something to do with switching to cable broadband and the new equipment related to that (?)