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    Displaying Images Stored on a Server In Flex

    jimmyoneshot Level 1

      My original idea for my app was to have live thumbnails of websites by screenshotting a html component in the app and saving these screenshots as jpgs which are applied as the source of the thumbnails. I now realise this is a bit too unstable as if the site doesn't load the images won't display. What I want to do instead is use the same idea but instead of the application writing to the application directory writing to a server where the images are stored so that it will overwrite these images.


      What I need to know is how to display server stored images in flex in either an image component or an array collection so they can be applied to a tilelist. The problem is I have zero experience at using server side data with flex. Can anyone point me in the direction to some examples/tutorials on how to display server stored data or more specifically images within a flex application or give me advice on this? Cheers.